We are sad to inform of the passing of Heide Elfenbein on October 20, 2018 in the early morning hours.  Heide lived a full life up until the age of 84. She was diagnosed with cancer very recently and passed away in days. On the bright side the time of her suffering was short, and she already made her peace with things. She was a mother, dance teacher, poet and wife just to name a few roles in her vibrant life. As a child she escaped together with her siblings and parents the vicious reach of a failing Nazi regime. She had lived most of her life in and around Bad Homburg Germany, and for the last decades resided in Cambridge England. She is survived by her husband Joseph and his two children Asha and Nina, her two sons Enno and Malte, and her three siblings Elke, Ursel and Knut.
We want to give her a salute to a life well lived – despite facing the adversity of being born into a war generation. A life lived with creativity, dedication and compassion. A life that was centered in an unwavering optimism and love for people where she always granted a second chance to others. Her world was almost always a bright one.
May her light continue to illuminate ours, for now and forever.

Please post a memory for others to read on the comment section of the blog. Please send us a note so we can post it for you. You can reach the Sons Enno and Malte Strauss with this sites email address.

We wanted to thank all the have attended the memorial. It was nice to see so many friends and family to celebrate Heides life. She would loved to have been there in person.