A poem by the late Heide Elfenbein


Wenn alles sich zur Erde neigt
und letzte Sonnenglut
sich in den Weiden hell verzweigt,
der Ebereschen Blut
tropft in das Gras,
dann weiß mein Herz:
Die Herrlichkeit bringt Abschiedsschmerz.



When everything tilts towards the earth
and suns last glow
nestled in in the willow tree,
the mountain ash’s blood
dripping in the grass,
my heart knows:
the glory brings sorrow.

1 thought on “A poem by the late Heide Elfenbein”

  1. To Heide’s son,
    I really appreciated your phone call, thank you so much. Heide was a very special lady, she had done so many amazing things in her life. Once she kindly gave me a book of her poetry, and so I am very pleased to have this to remember her by.
    Heide was a very dedicated choir member and would move heaven and earth so as not to miss a rehearsal or a concert.
    I did not know Heide very well, we met through choir and had a chat most weeks. She was a kind, sensitive and clever person and I am sure, as her son, you were very proud of your mother. I send you and your family my condolences.
    With best wishes
    Kate Cranwell.

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